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P. v. G. Brown

Was sentenced to 25 years state prison, paroled after 16 years following my letter brief to CDRC                                                            October 2023


Cal State Northridge v. E.N.
College student’s suspension vacated
January 2023


P. v. Edwin Rodriguez-BA083360
Paroled on Franklin/Youth Offender Parole hearing


P.v. D. Nash
Criminal threat PC 422
Case dismissed
January 2021
Airport court


Two consecutive evictions dismissed &
One year rent waived
December 2020
Santa Monica court


Won my traffic ticket trial
Veh. Code 22107  unsafe turn
January 7, 2021
Metro court


R. Craig
$35,755 credit cards debts
Dismissed via letters to creditors
Fall 2020


M. Lazarus
Wage garnishment set aside
Feb.7, 2018
Chatsworth court


Defeated $187,000 attorney’s fee
Family court
July 2017
Ventura county court


A. Conner
Felony Identity theft conviction
PC 530.5(a) in 5/5/2016
Reduced to misdemeanor
Burbank court


C. Perez
Transportion of marijuana HS 11360(a)
Case dismissed at prelim hearing
June 10, 2016  El Monte court


M. Duboise
14 years prison reduced to 3.5 years
Aug 2014
Court of Appeal 2nd Dist


A. Gonzalez   
Double carjack, kidnap with gun, gang allegations                
Settled with unlawful driving   VC 10851                  
 May 2014    Norwalk court


J. Castaneda        
Attempted murder with gang, weapon, great body injury       
Settled with assault 

 Nov 20, 2013   Metro court


L. Johnson
DUI DMV two years license revocation
Set aside/dismissed
July 11, 2013    DMV office


L. Johnson
DUI VC 23152(a), refusal, resisting arrest PC 148(a)
Reduced to reckless driving VC 23103(a)
June 10, 2013  Glendale Court


S. Paramo
Sale & possession for sale of meth
HS 11378 & 11379
Reduced to possession-HS 11350 w/ diversion
August 4, 2011     Riverside Indio Court


D. Valadez
Conspiracy to do drive by shooting
10 years gun enhancement dismissed
Sept 14, 2011            Criminal Court Building


Child molestation accusations dismissed following office hearing with Riverside sheriff’s office


G. Brown 
Two felony convictions of sexual penetration on minor-PC 289 reversed on appeal for being time-barred; trial court had denied our motion to dismiss those counts
February 2010  Norwalk Court


City Bank v. Shenassa
$8500 credit card debt
April 28, 2011
Beverly Hills Court


R. Campos
3 counts robbery, 9 enhancements
Faced 18 years state prison
Settled w/ petty theft with prior, 3 years prison; served half
January 20, 2011         Bellflower Court


M. Hernandez
recovered client’s car seized illegally for hit & run by Glendale Police
January 2011                Glendale Police


F. Montoya
On parole
charged w/ felony drug offenses & strike priors
Got drug program, no jail
January 2011  Burbank Court


B. Nunez
La Verne Police seized car for five months w/o prosecution
Recovered on Petition for Writ of mandate
Sep 22, 2010             Criminal Court Building


D. Shoona
DUI DMV license suspension
Set aside/dismissed by DMV
Impound fee fully recovered
June 15, 2010                     Beverly Hills Police


A. Victoria
Secured full immunity from US Attorney’s Office for two clients who faced indictment and had to testify in federal grand jury indictment against Russian prostitution rings                         Los Angeles Fed. Dist. Court


S. Shenassa
Failure to appear & traffic ticket
December 18, 2009 Los Angeles Metro Court


D. Angulo
Felony possession of forged drivers license
Case dismissed
June 10, 2009  Pomona Court


D. Richardson
Felony sex registration violation
Dismissed at the prelim hearing
March 20, 2009                   Criminal Court Building


D. L. Richardson
Public intoxication
Case dismissed
February 9, 2009 Airport Court


J. Anguiano
4 defendants charged w/ felony receiving stolen goods
3 pleaded to felony
Settled with misdemeanor for Anguiano
November 18, 2008             Criminal Court Building


V. Meza
Grand theft
Case dismissed
October 3, 2008 Airport Court


P. Davis
Grand theft
Case dismissed
August 7, 2008  Airport Court


E. Hernandez
Drug possession-HS 11357(b)
Case Dismissed
June 20, 2008
E. Los Angeles Court


V. Rayfield III
Possession of contraband HS 11364(a)
Case Dismissed
June 20, 2008  Airport Court


J. A. Vollaire
Theft reduced to trespass
June 10, 2008  Airport Court


G. Williams
Driving w/ suspended license
Case dismissed for insufficient evidence
May 29, 2008  Airport Court


R. Paez
Jury trial not guilty
May 20, 2008        E. Los Angeles Court


R. Walton
Possession of cocaine pipe
Case dismissed on suppression motion
May 5, 2008                   Los Angeles Metro Court


R. Age
Petty theft reduced to infraction
April 30, 2008  Airport Court


B. Barrera
Driving w/ suspended license
Case dismissed
April 30, 2008  Airport Court


Mario Recinos
Gang injunction violation/Contempt of court
Case dismissed
April 14, 2008                       Hollywood Court


J. Gonzalez
Possession of pick lock PC 466
Case dismissed
April 4, 2008  Metro Court


E. Castaneda
Possession of cocaine pipe
Case dismissed
April 4, 2008   Metro Court


L. Root
Case dismissed on mental incompetence
January 31, 2008                         Van Nuys Court


W. Moreno
Unlawful gun in vehicle
PC 12034(a)
Case dismissed-insufficient evidence
December 17, 2007                       Metro Court


B. Hernandez
Grand Theft
Case dismissed
December 11, 2007   Airport Court


J. Bonilla
Case dismissed
September 5, 2007   Airport Court


C. Dixon
Possession of cocaine pipe
HS 11364
Case dismissed on probable cause hearing PC 991
August 21, 2007


L. Fabian
Possession of marijuana
HS 11357(b)
Case dismissed
August 17, 2007  Airport Court


C. Ruiz
Felony possession of Sudafed to make meth HS 11383(c).
Conviction reversed on our amicus brief supported by a newly published Ca Supreme court case
October 2006 Fontana Court


M. Ruiz
C. Ruiz’ co-defendant
Felony possession of Sudafed HS 11383(c)
Conviction reversed on amicus brief
October 2006   Fontana Court


M. Hardeman
Felony domestic violence PC 273.5(a),
Felony Possession of fuel to set fire PC 453(a)
Case dismissed at prelim hearing
July 24, 2006 Compton Court


E. Wolves
Resisting arrest, driving w/ susp. license,
Probation violation (PV)
Case & PV dismissed
July 19, 2006    Beverly Hills Court


J. Jones
Vandalism & Resisting Arrest
Reduced to trespass
June 8, 2006   E. Los Angeles Court


B. Mcewan
Burglary PC 459
Case dismissed
May 23, 2006  Hollywood Court


J. Gonzalez
Car burglary PC 459
Case dismissed
May 12, 2006   Compton Court


L. Lopez
Drug possession
HS 11351(a) & 11351(b)
Reduced to 415 infraction
April 19, 2006


M. Flores
Burglary, receiving stolen goods
(5 x PC 459, 4 x PC 496(a) all felonies)
3 Defendants; two pleaded to all 9 counts
We settled with one count of PC 496
Feb 27, 2006   E. Los Angeles Court


A. Estrada
Felony criminal threat & battery
PC 422; 2 x PC 242
Case dismissed
February 24, 2006             Criminal Court Building


S. Hanson
Cocaine possession
Felony HS 11350 w/ 5 prior Felony convictions
Faced state prison
Got drug court after 3 months effort
Feb 19, 2006                     Criminal Court Building


A. McDowell
Criminal threat, brandishing gun
2 x PC 422 & 2 x PC 417(a1)
Reduced to Penal Code 415 infraction
January 26 2006             Hollywood Court


A. T. Scotti
Driving w/susp license, w/o ins, red light
Case dismissed
January 20, 2006             Alhambra Court


A. Jackson
Assault w/ deadly weapon, threat, battery
Case dismissed
January 13, 2006                 Criminal Court Building


P. Chavez
3 Felony counts stolen property
Case dismissed
January 13, 2006                      E.Los Angeles Court


L. Ortiz Herrera
Hit & run VC 20002(a)
Case dismissed
December 28, 2005 Metro court


J. Marvin Townsend
F Assault with deadly weapon-PC 245(b)
Faced state prison
Case dismissed
Dec 27, 2005     Metro Court


J. Luis Becerra
Battery-PC 242
Case dismissed
November 2005                              E. Los Angeles Court


L. Fuller
Trespass  PC 602(m)
Case dismissed
November 15, 2005                     Inglewood Court


J. Luis Domenack
Forgery of license plate stickers
Case dismissed
October 2005                                  Pomona Court


A. Garcia Vargas
F possession of sudafed to make meth
HS 11383(c)
Conviction & sentence vacated, case dismissed
September 2005                       Chino Court


R. Enrique
Drug possession
Case dismissed on Suppression Motion
August 2005                                     E. Los Angeles Court


N. Herrera Maravilla
Possession of sudafed to make meth
HS 11383(c)
Conviction & sentence vacated, case dismissed
July 2005  Chino Court


M. De Lamora
Felony possession of sudafed
HS 11383(c)
Conviction to be vacated  Tulare County


F. Montoya
Assault with deadly weapon & strike
Dismissed for delay prosecution
January 2005   Pasadena Court


T. Montae Hamblett
Seven defendants charged with illegal gambling
Case dismissed against them following our Demurrer
January 2005
Los Angeles    Metro Court


V. Henry Davis
Car tampering-VC 10852
Dismissed on mental incompetence
November 8, 2004
Criminal Court Building


Threatening witness-PC 136.1a(2)
Case dismissed at DA office hearing
November 2004   Glendale Court


S. Aghajanian
Drug possession-HS 11357(b)
Reduced to infraction
October 5, 2005             E. Los Angeles Court


F. Williams
Drug possession
Jury Trial Not Guilty
October 27, 2004
Criminal Court Building


N. Pino
Under influence-HS 11550a
Case dismissed on suppression motion
September 2004  Van Nuys Court


R. Jimenez
Theft offenses PC 496, VC 10851, VC 10852
Case Dismissed
September 2004        Hollywood Court


G. Mora
Car theft
Case dismissed
July 14, 2004       Alhambra Court


E. Elkins
Jailed for failing to pay restitution
Terminated probation
Waived restitution
Elkins released
April 4, 2004        Inglewood court


S. Bravo
Assault w/ firearm-PC 245a1
Case dismissed at DA office hearing
Feb 3, 2004      E. Los Angeles Court


2002 Los Angeles Federal court
Following our tenacious negotiations, the US Attorney Office in Los Angeles granted full immunity to two clients who were subpoenaed to testify in federal grand jury indictment against Russian prostitution rings, and were facing indictment