Why A Criminal Lawyer

It’s important to contact a criminal lawyer as early as possible if cops or prosecutors contact you.  Ignoring their calls may have serious consequences that could have been avoided.  Do not attend a hearing without a lawyer.

Why should you contact a criminal lawyer and not your personal injury or family law attorney?  Because your life and liberty are on the line.   No lawyer is skilled in every field, the law and procedures are totally different and virtually impossible to know them all.

Just as your eye doctor can’t diagnose your heart and lungs disease, lawyers in other fields and those who don’t concentrate in criminal defense, lack the knowledge and expertise of an experienced criminal defender.   They’re unaware of the intricacies of criminal law and procedures buried in the Penal Code  and case law.

An assembly line lawyer, one who practices in several fields and takes your case to plead you out, will not represent your best interest.  Criminal defense experience is the key.

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